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January 6, 2013
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Ithryn Luin by XteveAbanto Ithryn Luin by XteveAbanto
Here's my tribute to Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
Well, not exactly a tribute but asked how many wizards there are, Gandalf says there are five, naming himself, Saruman the White, and Radagast the Brown, then saying he can't remember the names of the other two. Their names, Alatar and Pallando, appear in the book Unfinished Tales, but the filmmakers don't have rights to use material from that book. x)) Just so happy that PJ took the opportunity to acknowledge that on screen. :')

UPDATE [10-2-2013]: I decided to repaint Alatar's face. I thought I'd tweak it a bit coz I kind of like this piece and i wanted to improve it. :P
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Just amazing!
I like it ! good job ! Alatar is right-hand side, i love his pointed hat
and Pallando is very powerful, allied to Sauron probably.
Excellent faces and beards! :D
Great work! It makes you want to learn more about the blue wizards. One suggestion is that they went into the far East on a diplomatic mission. It was successful because Sauron received no help from the Eastern nations.
dumbfished Jul 7, 2013  Professional
I dig the lighting and shading in this.
Really cool texture effects too.
Noorterling May 11, 2013  Student General Artist
This is fantastic... great job!
HelevornArt Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow :love: beautifully done, and I actually didn't make that connection when I saw the movie. I do remember how he says that he doesn't know the names of the other two, but I never thought why :P
whittingtonrhett Jan 21, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
I totally agree! I love your depiction of them here...they are even less seen than Radagast...tho since the hobbit he's become much more well known...I have always liked the mysterious pair Alatar and Pallando, the blue wizards who disappeared into the east. If you swing over to my gallery I have a pic of the 5 Istari wizards arriving by ship in middle earth if u wanna check it's an older price of my artwork tho, and I would love to do a new version.
Kick ass tribute!
I think PJ should had went ahead and used the names, it's petty that simple naming refrences are denied because of no rights to use material from the book. Yet there is fan art and fanfiction dedicated to the stuff. Yes I know fan art and fanfiction exist because they don't cash in on the franchise but still the names Alatar and Pallando aren't going to make any money by their names alone (unless they were merchandises of them).

Who knows maybe they can get the rights by the next few films.

I do buy gandalf not remembering he even forgot the password for the door to moria!

Like the drawing, it has a atopsphere of compelling mystery and magic.
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